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We build data platforms that sync.

Messy data limits your organization’s ability to function. We specialize in cleaning, structuring and organizing data to make your job easier, and build better relationships with the people you serve.

What We Do


Your data lives in multiple systems and scattered spreadsheets. We help you find all of it, merge duplicates, and remove the clutter. 

Benefits of Clean Data

  • Run accurate reports 
  • Pay less for software
  • Increase targeting efficiency
  • Avoid sending emails with wrong information
  • Increase email deliverability
  • Reduce operational costs


Organizations have employees and customer accounts. Households have spouses. We restructure and reformat your data to create relationships that improve your reporting and communication. 

Benefits of Connected Data

  • Measure more accurately 
  • Avoid communication and billing mixups
  • Understand the true scope of your operations and impact


We can fill in missing pieces or add new information to existing records. Ask us about what we can generate for you based on the data you already have. 

Benefits of Expanded Data

  • Replace invalid emails
  • Append fields with missing information to create better reports 
  • Create more personalized ways to communicate with the people that matter

Data privacy and integrity are non-negotiable. We will NEVER copy, share, or use your data for any purpose than your organization.

Hello, I’m Amanda Steinberg. I currently serve as a Fractional Chief Data Officer for many organizations. My experience spans business, government, and non-profits, with a specialty in platform engineering and finance. I’ve managed data systems with thousands and millions of records. Whether you need to optimize your existing data systems or build new ones, I will ensure it’s done right.

Need our help?

Let's talk.

Project pricing is based on the aggregate total of individual and entity data records. 

Contact us for our standard price sheet or to scope your project needs, cost and timeline.

Call or text: 917.589.1555


Organized and maintained 50,000+ lead and customer data records utilized by 10+ employees for sales, marketing, and financial reporting.

Built automated digital ecosystem reaching 100,000+ Philadelphians while maintaining financial database of 5,000 donors.

Built and scaled digital fundraising platform to 250,000+ email subscribers and 5,000 new donors.

Built and scaled marketing platform from 0 to 1M+ email subscribers.


Contact us:

P.O. Box 11218
Elkins Park, PA 19027